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Bitcoin Summary

What are Bitcoins?
Bitcoin is the world's leading cryptocurrency based on a decentralized booking system. Bitcoins have a lot of advantages:

  1. Security and Control: state-of-the-art encryption which is also used for government and military transactions.
  2. Fast international payments: Transaktions around the globe in minutes.
  3. Fully decentralized: Bitcoin isn't owned by anyone. There is no bank between transactions.
  4. Anonymity: No sensistive information is required.
What is a Wallet?
A "wallet" is a virtual wallet and securely stores the digital coins and protects them against unauthorized access. And it acts as a kind of bank account when you want to send or receive payments.
How do you register a wallet?
We recommend the wallet because it has a very quick registration. does not want personal information from you.
You only need an email address and a password for registration.
How to do you buy Bitcoins?
If you want to buy and sell bitcoins easily, we recommend the website.

At Anycoindirect you can buy bitcoins with a credit card or instant transfer.
Please note that your account must first be verified when making a transfer. Anycoindirect will transfer 1 € to your specified account in order to verify it.
  1. Now go to the website and enter the amount in euros for which you want to buy bitcoins.
  2. Then your wallet address will be asked for.
  3. You can find this on your page - under "Request" - in the top line.
  4. Now copy this address from numbers and letters and paste it into AnyCoinDirect.
  5. Now follow the instructions on AnyCoinDirect
  6. FINISHED! Your bitcoins are now on their way to your wallet
How to deposit Bitcoins at
Konung Casino?
  1. Select 'Bitcoin' as deposit method on our website

  2. Copy our wallet address: 384w34pmCAzPqWgfE3Mx22HwH3eLPVHfyY

  3. Go to your Bitcoin wallet and click on the "Send" button

  4. Paste our wallet address and enter the amount you want to deposit and click send

  5. Finished! The amount will be credited to your Konung account in a few seconds
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How to Cash-out with Bitcoins?
  1. Select 'Bitcoin' as cashout method on our website

  2. Copy your wallet address from under "request"

  3. Paste your wallet address in our cashout form

  4. Your Bitcoins are now on the way to your Blockchain-Wallet

  5. Now Follow the sell-instructions on to sell your Bitcoins and get the money to your Bank-Account
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