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Why Konung

  • The most trusted brand in the industry
  • Flexible and attractive commission rates based on the volume and quality of players
  • Attractive rewards, bonuses and events for affiliates
  • Professional and dedicated account managers
  • A variety of optimized marketing tools
  • On-time payments and easy-to-use tracking tools

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction to the Konung Casino Affiliate Agreement

This document contains the detailed Terms & Conditions for Affiliate use of the Konung Casino Affiliate Program. This agreement is written specifically to describe and regulate all aspects of the partnership with Affiliates and contains the latest terms. This agreement also replaces all previous Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: It is required for anyone who is going to use the Konung Casino Affiliate Services to read this agreement carefully.

We do not have a negative carry over policy at Konung Affiliates. An exception exists for players that win over 2,500 Euros in a given month. These players will be separated (ring-fenced) until their winnings have been recovered.

Player activity from the following territories does not qualify for CPA payments: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Israel, France, Netherlands, UK, the USA or any of its states.

A CPA payment will be due and payable to you if and when a qualifying Player completes first registration on one of the Sites ,deposits the minimum required amount and meets the minimum player activity requirements as agreed upon in writing with your affiliate manager.

Affiliate accounts may not partake in gaming activity, the casino can confiscate funds for any affiliate accounts with gaming activity at its sole discretion

2. Glossary

Below is a glossary of commonly used terms in the Konung Casino Affiliate Agreement.

  • Affiliate – a person involved in attracting players to the casino for the purpose of gaining profit.
  • Affiliate Code – the unique alphanumeric code generated automatically for an Affiliate in the process of registration and used in Affiliate banners and links for attracting players/subAffiliates and aimed at identification of the particular Affiliate.
  • Balance – the amount of Affiliate’s earnings at this particular moment.
  • Banner – banner resource (image, animation, etc.) with a special Affiliate code field, selected by the Affiliate from the available campaigns.
  • Konung Casino – online casino powered by Direx.
  • Konung Casino Website – the same as Konung Casino.
  • Campaign – banner resource (image, animation, etc.), created by the administrator and further offered for Affiliates’ use.
  • Chargeback – is when a Player in Konung Casino has made the reversal of previous payment. It is also can be made by a bank in case of fraudulent use of Credit/Debit Card.
  • Commission Plan – criteria, according to which the Affiliates can gain profit.
  • Invoice – the document that involves the information regarding to the Affiliate’s profit and payment of earnings to this Affiliate for a particular period. The document also shows to which payment account the payment was made.
  • Payment Account – the information submitted by the Affiliate to determine which payment system and which data will be used for processing the Affiliates’ payments.
  • Payment Period – the period of time for which the Affiliates receive their earnings. It is equal to a calendar month.
  • Payment Profile – configuration that determines particular conditions and revenues within the type of payment.
  • Player – is an individual (male or female) who a) has opened an account at Konung Casino with their proper details, and it is their first and only one account at our Casino, b) made a deposit using one of the available casino website payment methods, c) places bets in any game available at our Casino and d) does not break any Terms & Conditions by their actions.
  • Spam – mass-mailing of promotional materials to one mailing list or group. Using spam is strictly prohibited for any Affiliate of Konung Casino.
  • Sub Affiliate – an Affiliate attracted by another Affiliate of a higher level.